Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm coming down like a monkey

Just so much fun going on.

Tuesday we had some rain and went to watch the sunset again. The colors were completely different, and we had more fun. Then we had an incredible meal at Cafe Marquesa.

Wednesday we went to the local Butterfly Conservatory, which put the one in Marine World to shame. Then we went out on a sunset cruise for snorkeling. I didn't do so well having a bit of panic, but we still had a good time. Even though the sunset was hidden by rain clouds in the west.

Today we were to go out with a private captain for snorkeling, but his starter needed repairing. So instead we went to the beach where we laid on our towels and walked in the surf. We saw a small barracuda hunting for fish, and got sunburned. Then we went met the captain and his one man crew for dinner.

Tomorrow, we're likely going back to the Butterfly Conservatory, and some other unplanned stuff, and will watch the sunset from Zachary Taylor park which we have yet to do. It has been a truly incredible time, and while we will miss it, we are eager to return home Saturday.

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