Saturday, May 17, 2008

And then there's me...

I am tired.

Three days of getting up at 5:00 (two hours earlier than usual).

A week of driving/riding more than an hour each way.


This cold thing. I did cancel the role-playing game for today. My congestion is mostly gone, but I've got this cough that tends to hit with one big punch. It gives me one big cough that turns into a lung emptying wheeze. Then I get a headache.

Record heat. I have to be thankful for the townhouse we're in. We get only evening sun, and it rarely gets over 80 inside during the day, and it recovers quickly once the air conditioning is on when we get home. Timer thermostats are great.

Monday I begin the semi-annual budgeting and forecasting for our primary client. The fun part of this one is that we used to estimate a budget for only the coming year. Now, we have to budget the entire life-cycle of each site.

The other project managers have had the last week to get started, and will have this week and the next to get finished. I have this week...

Let's see... 10 sites over 5 days... two sites a day... I can do this.

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