Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Would somebody answer that phone

The ringing in my ears is getting bad, but at least the pressure has stopped building up. Now I hope for less sinus pressure as well.

Last night, Jennifer and I went to look at a condo in Richmond. Unfortunately it is much too small for our needs. It seemed more like it was designed for two single people as the two bedrooms were on opposite sides of the place, and each had a bathroom attached to the bedroom. All of the rooms struck me as too small, and the homeowners dues were close to $500 per month. It just wouldn't have been feasible.

As for now, I'm sitting waiting for the other geologist to show up, so that we can drive down to Santa Clara and start installing those wells.

At least I got my daily surfing in.

1 comment:

JS said...

The ringing is just the voices trying to give you a call.


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