Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sold to an American!

Today Jennifer and I wen to a house foreclosure auction We didn't really think we'd be able to buy anything, but we wanted to experience what the auction was like and how the final sale prices compared to the previous value (the last appraisal on the house) and the starting bid.

We were only really interested in a couple house in Martinez and one in Pleasant Hill, and a townhouse in out complex. The houses went for a lot more than we were prepared to spend, and the townhouse went for about what the going rate is, but with it being 300 to 400 square yards smaller than our present place with only a one car garage and no windows on the downstairs, we decided to pass.

The auction was held in on of the exhibition halls at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. At the peak, there were about 1,500 people present. And the echoing was crazy.

It was handled very well for the setting and the auction itself was fun to be a part of even if we didn't bid.

We were able to make strategies for the future, and maybe we'll buy something at the next one.


We got home and relaxed after sitting in very uncomfortable chairs for four hours, and watched the last three episodes of the second season of "The Riches" which is an amazing show. Harsh, but very entertaining. Then we watched "Cloverfield".

That was intense. It was kind of better to watch something that was supposedly filmed on a home video camera on a television. The story was pretty good, and the slow exposure of the monster was great. And there is no way Jennifer or I could have survived the unsteady-cam action. For a sense of my intolerance, I got motion sickness for seeing "Die Hard 3" in the theater, and have trouble watching POV/FPS games unless I'm in control.

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Did you cheer when Hud got snacked on? I totally did.

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