Monday, May 26, 2008

And then the seagull came...

Today was loads of fun. We drove around the island (really no time at all), visited Zachary Taylor State Park and saw a giant egret, then we had lunch (so-so Thai), and then we went back to the room and had a nap.

We got up about 6:00 PM and got dressed quickly, and walked very fast to Mallory Square to see the sunset We got there about 15 minutes before the sun disappeared behind Sunset Key.

We then wandered around and went to two strip clubs. One was really bad with fat ugly girls, but the second was very nice with some really good looking girls. The cover was only $5 each, but the other prices for a dance and such were a little sketchy. We left and found a "clothing optional" bar where Jennifer got to enjoy herself, and I got to watch her have fun. While there she got body painted with vines from elbow to shoulder to knees. It was really a well done job.

Then we walked back to the hotel and have the sore feet to prove it. Tomorrow we start at our favorite Walgreens for Bactine.

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JS said...

So I guess you can't say you live life with no egrets.

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