Sunday, September 07, 2008

Crunchy on the Inside

And this evening's creepy thought: Have you ever looked at an animal moving, and suddenly envisioned just its skeleton moving?

I'm laying on the bed reading before going to sleep, and Pom the Cat walks into the room. She stretches her neck, sniffs at Jennifer's closet, and bats at something inside it. Suddenly I have an overlay of just her skeleton doing that.

It's an odd thing. And it's not the only odd thing I see that way.

I have considered musical instruments and speakers, and imagined seeing the sound waves propagating from them.

I have thought of photons striking the surface of the earth, and all we have built, and transferring bits of their energy in heat from the impact.

I have thought thought about what moving air currents must look like if we could see them. The turbulence and all the miniature tornadoes.

Super vision would be a cool power.

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