Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sunday on a Hercules Weekend

Sunday began as a flashback of Saturday. Jennifer hadn't seen enough of the events at the Scottish Games on Saturday. We had seen a little of the stone throwing and the highland dancing on Saturday, but she wanted more.

We watched the light hammer throw, the weight over bar for height, and the caber toss. All of those were fun to see.

We sat through a complete set of the Wicked Tinkers (awesome), some of Plad Dogh (fun), and Tempest (lame). Tempest used to be fun, but apparently egos have runaway with the band, and it is nothing like what we remember.

We watched a harpists concert which was neat to watch. And we had some more whisky.

We finished with a trip to get my comics, stopped by Richard's crafts in Livermore, and finally hit an Arby's for dinner.

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