Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is it snowing?

Back on my 21st birthday, a good friend who shall remain nameless (but their name sounds like the glowing remains of a fire) gave me a framed drawing of the Beatles. This drawing was in a Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band gift bag.

I very carefully removed the gift from the bag, shaking the plastic, gold-star confetti off of the wrapping, and opened the gift. I looked up to thank her (oops, one hint), and she looked disappointed. She said, "You were supposed to dump the bag out and get confetti everywhere."

I said, "Oh," and dumped the bag-full of confetti over my head. Now while this was my 21st birthday I was still sober at this time, although other friends had doubts.

That night, I had stars stuck to my skin under my shirt, and when I took my shirt off they ended up everywhere in my bedroom as they cascaded out of the folds of my shirt. John and I lived in that apartment for a few more years and there were gold stars there until we moved out. They just kept appearing in the carpet after we would vacuum.

I mention this because this afternoon I had to re-tuck my shirt, and found all these red flakes everywhere.

At least are biodegradable. However I am reminded of the scene in "Gataca" where they sweep the office building for genetic material. Mine's everywhere today.

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