Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pain Stains

I sit before my keyboard this evening with my back slathered in comfrey root and olive oil, wrapped in plastic wrap, wrapped in paper towels, fastened with masking tape. The color is (almost) complete. I sat for three hours (the longest sit for me yet), and got all of the bleeding S done, and then managed to sit through the flames, but just couldn't handle the thought of having the flaming S done in black.

Jennifer, mistress of pain that she is, said that my pupils were very dilated and I should stop. Like I couldn't tell her that just from my own sensations.

The sign shown is posted upstairs at EVT. And I tried man, I tried, but at the end, I know I was sounding like a bitch. I was leaning as far away as possible from Phil and his tattoo gun. Lidocaine is my friend.

So maybe in about a month I'll go back for the flaming S to be done in black. For pictures of everything, you can go here. I am really happy with the work. Amazed really. It's truly impressive.

And last night, at our monthly roleplaying game, I had time to sketch out the version of Kal-El's baby rocket that will be in front of the exploding planet Krypton.

I believe we were about 3 rounds into the continuing combat, when my character failed to resist being turned to ice. And so I was was out of the game for about three hours. Plenty of time to sketch and blend the rockets from John Byrne's reimagining of Superman's origin in 1986, the rocket from Birthright, and a little of my own ideas including the fins from the Eradicator. I'm very happy with it and will finish it up for the next phase. I also showed Phil the cover from an issue of Superman-Batman that has a great image of an exploding Krypton. Once I tie it all together, my entire back should be covered. Eventually.

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JS said...

I'm glad the unexpected downtime was productive. I was wondering what you were sketching. Here I was thinking you were drawing me being killed or something.

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