Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Saturday's Labors

This was the first day of a three day weekend, and did we sleep in? No, Jennifer and I got up so that we could be at the Pleasanton Scottish Games when they opened. We got to see Cleopatra the golden eagle. I was one of six who named her last year. She is a victim of West Nile Disease, and can only see well between the range of 6 to 8 feet. She is about three years old, and just gorgeous.

We watched the Wicked Tinkers, and then the Sorrellians (Steve, Lisa, Paul, and Gemma) showed up.We wandered a bit, drank some good beer, and then took part in the Whisky tasting. That was fun, but then, Jennifer and I had to go. We had to get cleaned up for a surprise birthday Hornblower cruise for our friend Aileen.

Jennifer and I got dressed up, and once we got to the city were taking pictures in the building between Pier 1 and Pier 3. She had me posing, when through the windows of an office, I saw Aileen and Matt walking. My mouth is just starting to form the "O" in "Oh shit." She didn't see us, and we did our clandestine thing watching them through other windows as they approached the meeting place at Pier 3.

She was very surprised to see us and further surprised as her friends Nicole and Tracy and Bryce arrived in quick succession. The cruise was wonderful, and Matt had taken care of everything. Jennifer and I bought wine for the table, and the food was very good, not just rubber chicken.

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