Friday, September 05, 2008

Musical Triumph

I thought I had already posted on this, but apparently I simple shared the news with friends via e-mail.

Jonathon Coulton is funny.

My first experience with him was the song that GlaDOS sings at the end of "Portal". I went looking for more of his stuff, and found quite a bit.

For one year, he did a Podcast called "Thing a Week" where he did a new song each week. Lots of them are good, but he averaged one really great one each quarter.

An a capella version of "We Will Rock You/We are the Champions"
A song from an office zombie "re: Your Brains"
A programmer's lament "Code Monkey"
A great mash-up of the Beatles and Chicago "When I'm 25 or 64"

He has other songs and albums out as well. "IKEA" is a giggle-worthy.

So check it out. "Thing-A-Week" may still be available on iTunes. Just search for Jonathon Coulton.

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mnvnjnsn said...

Sorry for the late comment, but Jonathan Coulton was on John Hodgman's book tour for Areas of my Expertise. He was great as was, of course, John Hodgman.

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