Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yeah, I should have taken a picture of it...

I forgot to tell you about Sunday night.

Jennifer is in reading, and I'm on the computer. Outside the window I hear Pom meow. Pom rarely meows, so I click my tongue a few times at her, and go to let her in.

She comes walking slowly, another odd sign, and I can hear her purring.


While Pom does purr, you usually have to put your head to her chest. And I'm hearing it from over five feet away.

That's when I notice what looks like a long string hanging from her mouth.

Now, she has brought three love presents to us since we've had her.

The first we didn't discover for a while, and by the time we had, the mouse had settled between the openings in the rubber doormat. That took some scrubbing, but we praised her all the same.

This apparently provided encouragement, for the next day I found her in the garage with another mouse rubbing it on her cheeks while she rolled back and forth on the ground. Jennifer held and praised, then took her inside, while I threw the body away.

Gift three was alive. We had just gotten back from Key West and she came slowly into the media room, and dropped something. Which presently began to scamper towards the bookshelves. I quickly dumped my popcorn into Jennifer's bowl, and scooped the thing up in my bowl. Fortunately lizards can't gain purchase on a combination of curved stainless steel, butter, oil, and salt. Pom had been playing with this one too, because some of the tail was missing. This one I released back into the wild of the English Ivy.

Sunday's love gift, was a moue or a rat. I'm not sure, but it was definitely a rodent. I called Jennifer and she held and praised, while I cleaned up again. In the sitting room. And while I got gloves, Jennifer said she saw it move. Death throws, I hope. So I scooped it up with latex gloves and the garbage can lid, where it kept falling onto a pose looking like it was alive. And I carried it to the garbage can. Now the body was probably no more than 3 inches long, but the tail was probably 6 inches.

At this point, I do my best Mr. Burns shudder.

However, the song of the night was "A Mighty Huntress Is Our Pom".

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