Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ah, the Weekend

Today was nice and relaxing.

This morning Jennifer and I got up around 9:30, got dressed, and went to Carrow's for our diner breakfast that we've been talking about for nearly a month.

Then we came home and I got ready to go to the GURPS game at John's.

It was a bad time for our heroes, and the dice were not friendly. Soon after arriving in a city, we were split up (by our own actions), and then the bad guys attacked. Each group was out-numbered and out-powered.none of us dies horribly, but many were wounded, almost all non-player characters (NPCs) were taken down, and the evil ones were barely kept from their objective.

Oh, and the game ended with everyone slowly being healed, and my character in suspended animation 50 feet underground.

Not through any direct action by the enemy though; simply through their defense turning my attack on them being turned back onto me. I was unable to resist the effect, and so down I went. The worst part is that the only people to see me disappear were my opponents, my partner being unconscious at the time, and I have a spell active that hides me from magic sensing for a further 4 hours.

And that was the cliffhanger ending. least from my perspective.

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