Friday, February 13, 2009

Boots for a Bonus

Recently I got my work boots re-soled.

For most of my career I've had the typical lace-up, steel-toe, work boots. But after seeing a driller with steel-toe cowboy boots, I vowed to get a pair of my own. I went to the western outfitter across from Sun Valley Mall, and got myself a pair of Durangos which were very comfortable, but didn't have much tread. I ended up wearing the keel down pretty quickly (as I tend to do), and so took them in for repair.

I asked if they could put a more aggressive tread on the whole boot, and they pulled out some waffle-stompers that looked great. I said go ahead, and put 'em on.

I think they turned out pretty kick-ass.

Oh, and for an added bonus here's me at work. This is from 2007, but it's also how I looked on Wednesday the 4th with our high concentrations in soil.

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