Monday, February 16, 2009


Today was a pretty relaxing day in the beginning. Jennifer and I got up, she had a client to meet, and so I got to kill some time around the house before going to meet up with her for lunch.

I typed up her character from our GURPS training session yesterday, along with Holly and Elise's. I found a few things wrong with Jennifer and Holly's, and then found that Elise still had 40 points to spend. She's a little confused still on the disadvantages vs. the advantages.

Then while I was working my way through my Internet reading, I found a link to this game simply called The Space Game. It's a real time strategy game, but dealing with asteroid mining and setting up power links and defense grids. It's very fun, and not as frustrating as I would have expected. Plus you play against the computer, so there' no one tea-bagging you when you die.

Then I went to meet with Jennifer. We had lunch at Long John Silver's, then we went to help a friend with some storage setup at his apartment. Two trips to the E-Ville Home Depot alter, I think we have his closet set up lean and mean.

Afterwards, Jennifer and I went to T-Rex Barbecue in Berkeley. This has to be the best barbecue I've had in living memory. It knocks my Marlboro barbecue into a cocked and squashes it with the magicians rabbit. It has a wonderful macaroni and cheese. And a serviceable corn bread. I also had the New York steak with garlic mashed potatoes which were amazing. But the best was the appetizer: Smoked Pork Riblets with Spicy BBQ Sauce. Along with our take home stuff of what all we could not finish, we took home a half-pint of the sauce. Sometime this week, we're getting ribs, and doing it at home.

And now, I still have to go back, because we were too full for dessert. And they have over 100 whiskeys, including a specially picked barrel of bourbon from a distillery outside of Frankfort, Kentucky, that I've never even heard of. It's so unknown to me that I can't even remember the distillery. We're going back for brunch next time.

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