Monday, February 02, 2009


Yeah, I watched the Super Bowl, and enjoyed the victory of the Steelers over the Cardinals.

I can remember watching the Steelers and the Cowboys back in the late 70s.

But anyway....

I'm still kind of amped over the beginnings of the new GURPS group. Sure they are quite the motley crew, but they've got some good potential.

The warrior woman will be ambidextrous and wielding throwing axes two handed. The centaur will be an archer, and probably have a spear as well. The astrologer will have weather, air, and possibly water spells and also carrying knives for both wielding and throwing. The priestess will be the healer, but also has a couple missile spells. And finally, the Elf ranger... who doesn't know any spells yet.

And of course whatever, I decide to run.

The hardest part was getting them to see past what had brought them to gaming. Two were coming from computer games, one no experience at all, and two had played old D&D. It takes a lot to reshape the thinking of some people to get them to understand that there are no "classes" or "alignments".

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JS said...

Sure there are classes... in the school of hard knocks!

Alignment: lawful chaotic (or chaotic lawful).

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