Monday, November 10, 2008

Caramel and Silk Ivy

Saturday morning, I was explaining to Jennifer the setup for the game. The characters are in ruins in the middle of an old forest. For best imagery, picture Angkor Wat. I showed her the "ruins" created with caramels, and said I'd tried to used the "barbed wire" decoration from the party. She then suggested we run to Michael's for ivy.

And we found some.

As well as some small, slightly flattened, glass beads of varying colors. And some plastic gems.

The colored beads we use to indicate things like spell area effects, clouds, and fire (to name a few). I got some fiery red, lightning blue, and amber beads, and some crystal clear gems. I only used the fire, but the rest are going to come in handy as well in the future. Especially the water blue and poison green beads I got on Sunday when I bought little organza bags to put them all in.

And the caramels were perfect to indicate cyclopean blocks of stone.

Finally, props to Steve for passing around his pictures from his recent visit to Angkor. And I swear that I had the idea for the appearance before he told us where he had gone.

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