Monday, November 03, 2008

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Saturday night as we were cleaning up, I told Jennifer that we weren't going to be watching football, because we were going to go see "Zack and Miri Make a Porno". So we got ready for a movie time of 11:25 at the Pleasant Hill Century, and left early to go by the Raider Image store nearby since it was going out of business, and Jennifer is going to the Raiders-Panthers next week.

While she was fingering one of the sweatshirts, Art Thom came up and asked us if we were going to the game. Yes, that Art Thom. Jennifer said she was going next week, and he asked if we wanted to go today. She asked where, and he said 50 Yard line, 27th row. She asked how much, and he said face value. She looked at me, and then turned to him and said yes.

So we went to the Raiders game. The seats were amazing, and it having been almost 15 years since I've marched on a football field, I was amazed how small the field actually was.

And they got slaughtered 24-0.

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