Monday, November 17, 2008

Random and Assorted Thoughts

I just got off the phone with Phil from EVT. He'd had a cancellation by his artist (he was going to get work done), and has an opening for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I'll go in and get the black done for the burning "S", and then we'll have time set aside for planning the future of the back piece. I'll bring artwork printouts, and talk about what I'd like in the future as far as ideas and such.

* * *
Saturday night Jennifer and I watched "Equilibrium" on DVD. That is an intense movie. It's fun and exciting. And it has the occasional levity as well. Very good
* * *
Got my comics on Saturday too. And some cool lead minis as well. I think the next time I'm unoccupied, I think I'll take some close-ups, and post them here.

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