Monday, November 03, 2008

This is just between you and me, smashed hat...

Oh my, what a weekend.

We can continue with Friday where I dressed as Westley, the Dread Pirate Roberts. I got a wide range of comments from "Zorro!" to "You look like that guy; you know, from that movie." Essentially, no one really got the costume except for the few real geeks in the office. So I didn't win the contest, but I looked damn good.

After work, I had a haircut, and then went home and changed, and went to the gym. I got home about 7:00, and just sat down and watched "Smallville." I kept the porch light off, and only got one ring at the doorbell. I'm sure because they saw lights inside, but "No Porch Light = No Candy". I learned that at an young age. And yes, I am torn by my feelings for "Smallville" and this comic sums it up best.

Saturday morning was for shopping for the party. I was at Costco when they opened at 9:30 to get alcohol and a few other things (like roses for Jennifer). Then I went home and unpacked those bits, and waited for noon to come around. At noon I headed over to Safeway where I had ordered food trays of cold cuts, chicken, and sushi. And after getting everything into the fridges and finally prepared, I had almost five hours to kill.

It was a very relaxing time before the party. I wish it could have been like that for all of my parents' parties growign up. There was always so much stress the entire day (and a few previous) before hand. It kind of helped to have done all of the decorating Thursday night.

And then it was party time...

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