Monday, November 03, 2008


Oh, the costumes we had. I was St. Peter in a way that I really thought more people would get. Jennifer was the Holy Ghost inspired by Eddie Izzard.

As for saints, we had St. Pauli (Girl), St. Stephen (stoned to death), Should-be-a-Saint Mother Teresa, and St. Deborah (from Judges).

Other puns we had were the Holly Ghost... Space Ghost... The "Say Ain't" Couple...

Rounding out the roll call we had two angels, a blinged out monk, a Monty Python style Spanish Inquisitor, a death (darth?) monk, Titania, and Hera/Aphrodite.

And the Dread Pirate Roberts. Not me, just Jack.

And Mike and Nick without costumes.

And I forgot my jump drive with pictures at home, so I'll post those tonight.

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