Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Have Got to be Kidding Me

They're doing it again. I am trying to come up with another word that has been bastardized as much a "Infrared" seems to be.

I saw a thing like this at Costco on Saturday. But I am freshly shocked at seeing it elsewhere.

I mean really? Infrared technology? Has someone patented a specific frequency of the EM spectrum in the infrared range?

I begin to wonder. Microwaves used to be called radar ranges. Now radar waves are right next to microwaves in the spectrum, so maybe it's not such a big thing. But the layman is pretty up on ultraviolet and X-rays. Some might even know that gamma rays were not invented my Marvel Comics, but are actually a higher frequency than X-rays.

But now infrared has become a technology. Yes, this cooker does use infrared, so it's not lying. But so do my stove, oven, frying pan, grill, blowtorch, dashboard, and carburetor.

I have gone off on this before, but now I start to wonder about things. Are there areas of science that I'm ignorant of whose words have had this done to them?

Does Oxyclean really clean with oxygen? Does an ozone filtration system really use ozone? Does my supplement really have iron or spirolina?

I'm not done; I just can't keep typing while shaking my head in amazed disillusion.

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JS said...

But how do you really feel?

Don't hide your feelings.

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