Thursday, July 09, 2009

11 Days and Year Thirty

This year more things began to gel.

Jennifer and I moved in together in September, and while we struggled somewhat, we became settled and began seriously discussing the future.

That June we took a trip to Kentucky for my family reunion. My grandmother gave me her engagement ring from her first marriage. I showed it to Jennifer, and she said she would never wear any stone that big. The ring had two small diamonds on the side, and a diamond close to a carat and a half with what appeared to be a crack running through it (Grandmother talks with hands and tends to hit things with them).

For turning 30 the next month, I had a party where people came as their favorite fictional character. We had the Shogun, Roy Hobbs, Guinevere, Richard Cypher Rahl, and many others. It being summer, the party got moved inside due to the growing swarm of yellow jackets that were carrying off small bits of cold cuts.

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