Monday, July 20, 2009

Day Zero - The Celebration

And what a weekend's worth of celebration it has been.

Friday, I drove back down from Eureka, and made it home by 12:30. I took a nap with Jennifer, and then we got ready for the evening. By 6:00, there were six of us (KT, The Rooster, the Tattooed Lady, The Ninja-Space Monkey, Jennifer, and me) in a limo on our way to San Francisco. Our first stop was to pick up our seventh (Mr. Second Life), and then we were off to Magnolia Brewing. After a fun and silly dinner there, we made a stop off at The Rickhouse to check it out, and then were off to the culmination of the evening at Bourbon and Branch. At the end of our time at Bourbon and Branch, we dropped Mr. SL at his corner, drove back to home, and everyone dispersed.

Saturday Jennifer and ran some errands, had wonderful Indian at Monsoon Masala, and then stopped off in Livermore for my comics. Then the evening exploded with the Fire Arts Festival put on by Oakland's The Crucible. I'll get pictures up of that later. There are quite a few.

Then on Saturday, Jennifer and I went to Carmel to for a little business of hers. Then we had dinner at Fandango in Pacific Grove. After dinner (having continued the weekend's practice of drinking a bit much) we walked down to the water and found ourselves at Lover's Point. We took some pictures there, and saw some otters playing in the surf and then we drove home.

And finally, the birthday. Today we slept in, puttered around, and finally went to the gym about noon. We did our thing there, and then Jennifer took me for a massage. After the massage, we came home, got cleaned up, and did our typical Concord evening of La Piñata, Baskin-Robbins, and Half-Price Books.

Now I get to start my next year tomorrow by going back to work.

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