Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Weekend of Independence

This weekend had been such a nice weekend...

Friday, Jennifer and I went to Sartaj in Sausalito for lunch, and then wandered Haight-Ashbury again, and had dinner at Magnolia Pub and Brewery which, after this experience, will be where we have dinner in phase one of my birthday celebration.

Saturday, we walked from home all the way to the Dollar Tree in Pleasant Hill (with various other stops on the way), then home and then after a couple hours, walked to College Park High School,and watched the fireworks, and then we walked home.

Today, we had a day of cleaning and straightening. And then dinner at my parents' with mom, dad, and my aunt and uncle.

That did not go well.

Things were tense already from lingering issues, and things never really got better. Finally they erupted when mom, my aunt, and Jennifer got in a heated discussion no one would back down from.

Jennifer and I followed our rule: If one of us wants to go home, we leave; no questions asked. And Jennifer wanted to leave.

Everyone was/is upset, and it will not be easy to recover from on any front.

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