Tuesday, July 07, 2009

13 Days and Year Twenty-Eight

This was a very dark year.

I was lonely. I had only a small group of friends, and no romantic prospects. I was missing the touch of another person.

My aunt had gone to the hospital during the summer and was discovered to have stomach cancer. Mom came out to help take care of her.

Things were rough.

One of the few escapes I had (other than the internet) was movies. And that year I saw my first Kevin Smith movie: Chasing Amy.

It would prove to be a powerful influence on my future self. But for now, I absorbed the movie, and went on to rent his other two movies: Clerks and Mallrats.

That summer, I moved out of my aunt's house, and lived with the son of a family friend. We got along much better than we had as children. It had been one of those situations where our father's had been best friends and, despite what I have told for years, we were also expected to be good friends as well. This new friendship wold last for a while, but quickly faded over my last few months living in Kentucky.

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