Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today, I had a bit of a revelation. As there are levels of geekness (as best defined by Lore Sjöberg at the now defunct Brunching Shuttlecocks), there are also classifications of geeks.

It is possible for these classifications to vary from day to day, but the geek will tend to show their true classification over time.

So my classifications are as follows:

The Stealth Geek - These are geeks who through various methods try to hide their geekness. They will shun the Star Wars t-shirt, avoid the convention, and act perfectly normal in mixed company (mixed being geeks and non-geeks). And yet they will give themselves away to the alert. Stealth geeks may dress in the colors of their heroes. or perhaps they may remove all logos from their clothing and possessions. Watch for them.

The Covert Geek - These are geeks who want to show their chosen geekness, but are subtle about the way in which they do it. Again, they may dress in the color of the hero, but add a small token symbolic of the hero. Of perhaps wear small jewelry that is a die. On I saw on the road today was a biker dressed all in black. He was dressed all in black, and his helmet and visor were a nearly identical glossy black. However on the forehead of the helmet was a white imperial insignia. Basically he looked like this. I tend to be this level. especially when I'm wearing normal street clothes but wear my Superman belt buckle.

The Overt Geek - However, sometimes I fall into this category. The overt geek wears his Zombie shirts proudly. He is unafraid to walk the mall with a Justice League bowling shirt over a Superman t-shirt, with matching belt buckle, earring, necklace, and watch. And yet, there is a style to it. The swagger as he carries his katana umbrella. The smile as he meets people's eyes. This geek has come to accept his lot in life, and will no longer hide. Mostly because the jocks are wishing they had as good a job as the geek.

The Geek in Denial - This is the geek who refuses to hang out with other geeks. Often these are the rare female geek, but also can be the guy who claims he grew out of the geeky obsessions, and yet still buys the Orange Box and spends many late nights mastering Team Fortress 2.

The Geek of Stereotype - Let's just call these hideous creatures what they are: Harry Knowles clones and/or wanna-bes.

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