Sunday, July 19, 2009

5 Days and Year Thirty-Six

Work was again a major factor in this year.

Jennifer began working at the chiropractic office, and that began to shuffle my schedule a bit. But attached to that was my growing distrust with Sullivan.

When I was hired on full time I was told about the potential for professional growth, and advancement. However, they hired a chemist straight out of school, and placed him above me. He had no idea about the protocols on how to set up a drilling job, and served to really piss me off.

Then they had begun downsizing. This was an expansion office, and they went through two sets of layoffs. At that point I became unsure, and began looking for other work. I got connected through a headhunter, and wound up working for AHTNA Government Services in West Sacramento.

It was the end of the year, and I asked my then manager how raises and such were looking. He said he still didn't know, so with that lack of information I began considering leaving. Then the news from the other remaining staff geologist convinced me: He was leaving Sullivan to focus on his music and his band. I would be the only Indian under about 6 or 7 chiefs.

So I quit in January.

Around this time also, we got Pom from a Berkeley animal shelter.

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