Thursday, July 23, 2009

Differing Summers

Tomorrow Jennifer is going to Great America. She likes roller coasters. Me? Not so much.

I can remember (vaguely) riding the Scooby-Doo (as it was then called) at King's Island; I think it's called something like Son of the Beast (the big ride of the park is the Beast). I hated it. Never really liked the log flume either.

I've ridden the Matterhorn and it wasn't too bad. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was something dad got me on, and I disliked as well. Sometimes I can handle Star Tours... sometimes.

But the things they have now? Never.

In high school, they opened the King Cobra in King's Island; a stand-up roller coaster. Friends described it as being bound standing up, and being pushed off a cliff. And they would ride it again.

Jennifer also likes the Tower of Terror in Disneyland. Falling. Just falling.

Now a lot of my issue with roller coasters and the like is the aspect of uncontrolled falling. In recent years my acquaintances with numerous engineers has added to my distrust. I mean there's even a dedicated site to this kind of thing.

One of the few rides Jennifer won't ride are the ones where your feet dangle. She's afraid there won't be enough clearance for her long legs. I can remember hearing about an accident where the leg of someone on of those rides hit the head of a workman (who shouldn't have been in the area during operation anyway).

And then there's always the chance of this (a description).

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