Monday, July 13, 2009

7 Days and Year Thirty-Four

This was a long year with work at the Webster-Posey tubes to Alameda. My company truck got broken into and they stole my briefcase and my drill kit. This is a kit I use at a drill site. There's no drill in it.

I lost lots of equipment, both my own and Kleinfelder's. It became a sticking point on my reimbursement.

I continued to be squeaky about the loss, and the poor feelings toward safety.

Exactly 5 years after I started, I was let go.

I was out of work for six weeks, and through a placement company was hired temporarily at Sullivan International.

We worked with TetraTech for the Navy and worked at such sites at Mare Island in Vallejo and Treasure and Yerba Buena Island of San Francisco.

It was while working on Yerba Buena Island subcontracted out to Shaw that I met Steve Sorrell. We quickly became friends talking about what he was listening to on his iPod and mocking Shaw's geologists who were doing more of the dirt work than I was.

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