Sunday, July 19, 2009

4 Days and Year Thirty-Seven

So I worked at AHTNA for a little over a year, and I was bored off my ass.

I had became an accountant.

All I did was get permission from our Army Corps of Engineers contact to replace broken down equipment. As well as the occasional monthly report.

So I began looking for other work.

And so serendipity stepped in.

I had gone on a few interviews, and had no luck.

Then I was called in to the manager's office, and told that they had lost part of the Army Corps contract, and so they were going to have to let me go.

Right after the meeting, I returned to my office, and there was an e-mail from one of the principals at ETIC Engineering apologizing for the delay in getting back to me on my resume, but wondering if I was still available.

I called and set up an appointment, and ended up being out of work for only a week and a half.

ETIC is a great place only 10 minutes away from home with no freeway driving, and (if I choose) no stoplights. The group is great to work with, and gives me responsibility and autonomy.

I am very happy.

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