Sunday, July 12, 2009

9 days and Year Thirty-Two

My birthday was small this year, but August was the big celebration.

On August 25, Jennifer and I were married. We honeymooned on the Russian River estuary, and went to wineries, and saw scenery.

Then after a week, it was back to work. And things went downhill fast.

That November 1, Jennifer got hurt at work by a stack of boxes falling on her. There were stacked seven feet high with high gloss paper, each weighing about 100 pounds each.

She ended up on disability, and I was forced to drive to work alone. And so I began to hate my job. For the commute, and for what our company had done to her.

In April, we moved from Concord to Pacheco. We got away from a horrible landlady, and gained a pool and a hot tub with the condo complex.

Things became a little harder with the higher rent, but we managed to work through.

We always do.

That June, Jennifer went back to work, and that helped a lot.

For my 33rd birthday we had a Kevin Smith marathon, starting with the Clerks cartoon, and moving through all of the movies through Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back which came out that week on video. Only my best man and best friend, John stayed for the entire day and all of the movies.

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