Saturday, July 04, 2009

17 Days and Year Twenty-Four

A very rough year.

John graduated and could not remain in Sacramento financially, so he moved back tot eh bay area. I was forced to find a roommate, and that ended up being very bad.

I ended up with a guy who was a big talker, but never did anything. He was always going to go back to school. He was going to be a stand-up comedian. He was going to cash in some CDs. The money thing ended up being one of the biggest problems, so I had to look for a new place when the lease ran out.

I ended up moving in with my friend, the future Sutter Creek cop, into a house he was renting from a friend of his who was actually renting it from his father. It was a fun summer going to garage sales, and once or twice to the local flea market to sell stuff.

The best part was when Ray got the swimming pool working and it became blue instead of green.

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