Thursday, January 08, 2009


It's a good thing I don't do drugs. The latest food addiction I have is all thanks to my Uncle Keith.

For Christmas, my side of the family had to make lists (Yes, had to. Have you met my mother?) One part of the list was chocolate preferences. I mentioned that anything that was not M&Ms and less that 70% cacao content was not worth my time.

Enter my uncle and the two tins of chocolate covered crack substitute. Also known as sweetriot.

Specifically what he gave me were two tins of flavor 70.

I discovered the magic of cacao nibs after a visit to Scharffen Berger Chocolate in Berkeley. Then at Trader Joe's, I found Slate of Bliss chocolate which had high content cacao and nibs sprinkled on the bars.

Now I have sweetriot. As the description says, flavor 70 has cacao nibs covered in 70% cacao chocolate. With a hint of espresso.

I don't even like coffee. I think Irish coffee is a waste of whiskey (not liking whipped cream either).

But ohhhhhhh...

I've been trying to limit myself to three at a time. And I just finished my first tin.

Must. Find. More.


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