Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome Recruits

Today, I am training some new recruits in the way of GURPS.

One if Jennifer. She worked up a character once for third edition, but now we're going to try again. She's all excited and is looking to go in an entirely new direction.

Paul and Gemma have experience in computer RPGs, so I'm interested in seeing how they do. Paul also has experience in D&D (D20 and 3Ed, I think), so he'll be more accelerated I'd think.

Then comes Holly and her friend. Holly is a computer gamer, and fellow geek, so I have hopes. I don't know her friend, but sometimes it's the new eons that can surprise.

And then there's Nick. I don't know if he's coming or not do to a possible visit from his brother, but if he comes, I think he'll do well. He has experience in "Axis and Allies," some other games, and computer games as well.

I've got the room prepared, and blank sheets and combat cards for everyone. It should be a fun day.

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