Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This morning's drive to work was really beautiful. The sky was a clear blue, and there ahead of me (or slightly left or right of ahead of me) was the waning gibbous moon.

It was really pretty and I was enjoying the contrast of the light falling across the craters and mare when I was overcome with the thought that this is a big piece of rock just waiting to fall on our heads.

I got myself under control and recited all the reasons why it won't. Not least being the earth's gravity keeping it as close as it is, while the moon's own motion pulling it away, the whole keeping it all in orbit.

Then I turned left on the last leg of my overland journey, and there's is this giant nuclear furnace burning away in the sky.

Yeah, it's one of those science days.

In the same way that my music friends (and I was almost not going to correct that from fiends) would and will note chord progressions in a song, there are days when I see the science of the world all around me.

I picture photons striking a surface and transferring some of their energy to the object and then bouncing of in reflection. I "see" wind currents as they blow across the road. Sometimes I'll even visualize cars and objects like vector drawings from physics class.

Yeah, it's weird, but I'll bet there's something everyone who has a specialty does in the same manner; even if it's something as small as converting parts of life into RPG analogue statistics.

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