Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monterey - Day Three

And today we returned home. Pom was very happy to see us, and is now enjoying her evening outside until bedtime.

We didn't do much in Monterey today. We slept in a bit, got the free breakfast, and loaded the car. Jennifer said she wanted to drive up the coast, so we took Highway 1 all the way to San Rafael, and then took 580 to 80 to 4, and home.

It was a beautiful drive with clouds, and blue sky, and short showers, and music.

And Friends trivia.

We didn't eat much on the way except for when Jennifer said she wanted a chocolate chip cookie. Two minutes later we came across a bakery, and got two cookies with drinks.

We got to see the progress on the Devil's Slide bypass tunnel, and we raced a container ship to San Francisco Bay. We won, but I think by the time we were crossing the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge it was coming through the Gate.

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