Monday, January 05, 2009

Merry Perihelion

After an early morning with a monthly safety meeting, it will be good to not stay up too late tonight. I hope.

Last night, a friend of Jennifer's dropped off a bed he had bought, and asked us to store in between moves for him. It'll only be until the 15th or 16th, so that not too bad. The drawback is that it's an eastern king (An eastern king is 76" x 80", as compared to a California King at 72" x 84"). We're storing it because he got it from someone off of Craig's List, and got a deal by taking it to soon. And there are so many pieces: headboard, footboard, two box springs (separate because box springs don't bend), the frame, and of course the mattress. If our garage were neater, we could put store it there, but right now it's in our library.

As an amelioration, he brought lobster to eat last night. Five of them, precooked. We had a big lobster feed, and still have one and a half remaining.

After eating, Jennifer and watched the second half of Speed Racer. It really was a fun movie, and is another I wish I had seen in the theatre.

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