Friday, January 09, 2009

Music and Such

I figured I hadn't done this for a while, so (Weezer - The Good Life) I thought I'd mention the music while blogging.

Wonderful lunch at Ming's again. Love the crunchy broccoli. (Linkin Park - Don't Stay)

Tomorrow I'm in charge of the second half of my RPG adventure. I've got the general arc, but I'm still fine tuning some of the plot. We'll have a pretty good turnout, but it appears we'll be without Scott until October.

I've also got a few people from work and other circles of friends who have expressed some interest in trying the game out. (Garbage - The World is Not Enough) I just need to schedule a time on a non-game weekend. It could be as many as five people. I haven't taught new players since Sac, so hopefully I pull and Obi-Wan and do a better job choosing and training this time.

Bryan at work has got me going on Facebook (Foo Fighters - The One). Apparently he's in a competition with his wife for how many friends they can accrue. She's leading by a factor of 3 right now.

And as for today's diversion, I'm re-reading Skippy's List. The best way to understand the list is just to read it; I guarantee you will regret it. Jennfer saw the link in my favorites list last night when I was showing her something else, so then I had her read it. We got about a third of the way through it before we quit for the night. (Eric Cartman - Kyle's Mom's a Bitch [Movie Version])

And that song brings up what is probably my favorite comedy cliche: He/She's behind me isn't he/she? It's a big thing in sitcoms, but the best one I remember is from City Slickers when Curly is standing behind Billy Crystal's character. (Alan Parsons - More Lost Without You)

Now, I just need to finish my adventure.

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