Friday, January 02, 2009

Good Movie and Bad Wheels

Last night Jennifer and I watched Spider-Man 3, which was nowhere near as bad as the hype had led us to believe. Now of course it was also nowhere near as good as the two recent Batman movies were, but still not really bad. I think that people were just upset that they were being told that inside Peter Parker is really a douche bag stuck in a geeks body.

It's the same reaction I have when anyone (most recently villains in the comics) say that Bruce Wayne is just a whiny spoiled kid who never grew up.

I also discovered Jennifer has never seen The Fugitive, so we've got to add that to her queue or catch it on Starz again.

And then today has turned into a car maintenance day. Jennifer is getting an oil change. I am getting an oil change, alignment, and new tires. Then we're off to an adult sleepover party.

No not that kind of adult sleepover, just a sleepover with adults. With drinking and board games. Trivia board games.

I'm gonna kick ass.

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